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The Flutter application framework comes with out-of-the-box support. Our Flutter Steps help you build and test both iOS and Android apps.
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Full Flutter integration

Use our Flutter Steps to run all available Flutter commands in a CI environment without having to worry about scripting: test, analyze, build and deploy automatically.

A single Workflow for all platforms

Create a cross-platform app with Flutter and don't bother about making different Workflows for iOS and Android; by adding the required Steps, you can handle both at once.

Easy testing and analysis

Write and run unit-, widget- and integration tests on BugCry: you need nothing more than the Flutter Test Step. Analyze your results with the Test Reports add-on: view individual test cases, check the logs, or just download your results.

Flutter Endless integration

We support cross-platform and third-party platforms, as well as automated process setting and custom plans.
Automated Flutter Workflow architecture

When our project scanner determines that your app was created using Flutter, it will automatically configure an initial Workflow for you with all the Flutter Steps we currently have available. The scanner will also detect any tests you provide in your project.

Multiple combinations

Our Step library is extensive and constantly growing. You can manage your dependencies, conduct tests, and deploy your app using the majority of third-party tools you can imagine. Anything missing? Request it or create it on your own!

Business-ready feature set

All of the main Git services are supported, along with Pay As You Build, SAML SSO, team and role administration, enterprise-level security, and hosting. Some of the world's most downloaded applications are used by 20% of Fortune's Global 100.

Efficient Flutter Incorporation

Test, distribute, and notify with all the tools you love.
Flutter Installation

Choose the Flutter SDK version you wish to use or stay with the most recent stable version when installing it on your build machine.

Flutter Analysis

Use the 'flutter analyze' command to run a Dart code analyzer check on your program.

Flutter Builder

Create Flutter applications with specific configurations for both Android and iOS.

Flutter Testing

Test your app by running the integration, unit, and widget tests that have been developed for it. 'flutter test' can be used with any of the available flags.

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``Qwegle is designed to make website creation easier by providing a plethora of shortcodes. One of the quickest multi-purpose themes on the market.``
Sara Mrshall Marketing Manager
“We've been working on creating a functional website since I started my business. I am pleased to report that we have finally engaged the Qwegle team, and they have worked closely with us throughout the process, keeping on goal, on schedule, and within budget. I also value their prompt and kind answers. I wholeheartedly suggest their services!”
Glenn Jacobs Web Developer
“We appreciate Qwegle's assistance in developing our programme. Everyone was kind, professional, and hardworking. We were able to meet our deadline thanks to them, and we want to continue working with them in the future.”
Claire Danvers Sales Manager
“We'd like to convey our gratitude for your assistance in the creation of our web application. Qwegle and its development team performed admirably. We are pleased with the solution provided and with the project's communication flow.”
Phillip Mathers Systems Analyst

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    What is Flutter?

    Google’s portable UI toolkit, Flutter, allows developers to create stunning, natively built apps from a single codebase for desktop, mobile, and the web. Flutter is free and open source, integrates with existing code, and is utilized by developers and businesses all around the world.

    What level of programming knowledge do I need to use Flutter?

    Programmers acquainted with object-oriented principles (classes, methods, variables, etc.) and imperative programming notions may easily learn Flutter (loops, conditionals, etc).

    Flutter may be used for app creation and prototyping by those with little to no programming skills.

    What types of applications can I create with Flutter?

    Flutter is intended to handle both interactive applications that you wish to run on your web pages or on the desktop and mobile apps that run on both Android and iOS.

    Flutter is especially well suited for apps that must give highly branded designs. Flutter, on the other hand, allows you to build pixel-perfect experiences that adhere to the iOS and Android design languages.

    A broad range of hardware (including camera, GPS, network, and storage) and services are supported via the package ecosystem of Flutter (such as payments, cloud storage, authentication, and ads).

    What sets Flutter apart?

    Because it doesn’t rely on web browser technology or the collection of widgets that come pre-installed on every device, Flutter differs from the majority of other frameworks for developing mobile apps. Instead, Flutter draws widgets using a powerful rendering engine that it has developed.

    Flutter is unique as well since it just has a thin layer of C/C++ code. The majority of Flutter’s system (compositing, gestures, animation, framework, widgets, etc.) is implemented in Dart, an object-oriented contemporary language that is simple to understand, modify, replace, and remove for developers. This greatly reduces the barrier to entry for the majority of the system and provides developers immense control over it.