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Quality Management(QM)

SAP QM is an essential component of various important SAP business activities, including material management, plant maintenance, manufacturing, procurement, and sales. SAP quality management is mostly employed in SAP logistic activities through connection with other components.

Because the QM application component is integrated into the SAP system, quality management duties can be merged with those in other applications (such as materials management, production, sales and distribution, and cost accounting).

Quality Control

SAP Quality Control is completely integrated into the buying and inventory management processes.

It comprises of receipt inspection, in which material is received in accordance with the purchase order. If a substance is highlighted for quality control, an inspection lot is triggered.

Quality findings are compared to master inspection criteria. Based on whether the results are within or outside of tolerance limits, a usage decision (accept/reject inspection lot) is made.

Stock posting from quality to other stock categories must be completed later in the SAP system.

Production Management

SAP Quality Management interfaces with the manufacturing and inventory management processes.
It explains ``in process inspections,`` which occur after a manufacturing order is released.
Inspection lot is activated following products receipt from production order in ``inspection after production.``
``In process inspections`` have no bearing on inventory, however post-production checks include stock posting from quality to other stock categories.
This procedure outlines the processing of inspection lots in which quality findings are compared to master inspection criteria. The use choice (accept/reject) is made based on the quality of the results.

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