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Salient features

SAP MM (Material management) is all about managing an organization's materials, or resources. These resources include personnel, materials, and manpower.

SAP MM is fundamentally a component of logistics. The MM application module enables the user to handle and obtain data in a very orderly manner. The features of SAP MM module include receiving and purchasing commodities, material storage, inventory, and consumption-based planning.


Pricing Methodology

The pricing procedure in the MM module is a method of determining prices in purchase orders. It allows us to designate multiple computation types for different uses. Defining a pricing method entails defining an access sequence and allocating it to condition types. The access sequence informs the system where to seek condition values.


It can handle both materials and inventories.
Ensures there is no material scarcity in the supply chain process.
This aids in the acceleration of material management and procurement activities.
It aids in increasing production and lowering expenses while accommodating for rapid changes in the corporate environment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the significance of the batch record?

    A batch describes a quantity of a certain product that is manufactured or produced simultaneously under the same conditions. The materials created in such a batch are the same in terms of values and traits. While the batch record provides details about a specific batch of products and is useful in determining if the product has undergone GMP (Good Manufacturing Process).

    2. What SAP MM knowledge do you have?

    There is a functional module for AP called SAP MM that handles material management and order handling. The master data, system setup, and transactions needed to finish the procurement-to-pay process make up the bulk of the module.

    3. What is the purchase order?

    This is a formal final assurance that the seller will provide the industry with the necessary supplies. This will include all of the names of the necessary components along with their corresponding plants. The business code, the name of the seller, and the date the supplies were delivered would all be included in the purchase’s specifics.

    4. Give further details on the SAP system's receipt of the goods?

    Receiving the items is the process of delivering the material and commodities to the person that requested them once the vendor has completed the transaction. The party that obtains inspects the materials and commodities for quality and condition at the time when the stuff is delivered. Once everything has been verified, the receipt is then posted.