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Users may easily save, distribute, and manage material with SharePoint.


SharePoint is simple to maintain and cost effective because it is a web-based platform housed in Microsoft's cloud environment. Your organization does not need to purchase or install any new gear.


Flexibility and multifunctionality are two features of this collaboration platform. It may be utilized as an internal website to update corporate news and announcements, plan and coordinate projects, manage records, and share data.

Simple Accessibility

Since SharePoint is a cloud-based solution, all you need to access files is a web browser and an internet connection. This improves productivity when you're on the road and makes cooperation successful.

Swift Integration

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are just a few of the Microsoft business products that SharePoint connects with effortlessly. You can work on documents in your browser or edit them natively on your desktop thanks to the compatibility of SharePoint with all web browsers.

Breakthrough Security

The advanced security features included with SharePoint Online allow users to be authenticated and guard against unwanted access to private data. By enhancing data access and shareability, data integrity is preserved.

Update Automation

Your IT staff can forget about manually applying fixes and upgrades thanks to SharePoint. The program is automatically updated to the most recent versions when you buy a license, and new features are introduced as they become available.

Store Data with Ease

Microsoft securely saves the SharePoint Online folders and files for your business on Azure SQL storage in one of its data centers to guarantee data availability and recovery in case of a disaster or an unintentional loss.

Companies need to be aware of the intricacies of their data storage in the age of cloud computing and constantly changing privacy and security requirements. In the majority of situations, businesses need this data to continue to comply with the legal obligations in their sector.

Data Retention

A SharePoint retention strategy may help declutter storage, lower security concerns, and limiting liability exposure. The files that are kept in SharePoint can be kept by using a retention policy. The latest modification date or the creation date can be used to determine the retention policy.

SharePoint and OneDrive build a Preservation Hold library if one doesn’t already exist for the site to keep material that has to be kept. The Preservation Hold library doesn’t allow interactive use; instead, it automatically saves files when doing so is required for compliance.

Data Protection

Microsoft provides strong, multi-layered data security protection for SharePoint. Per-file encryption makes sure that any update to a file is protected using a different encryption key, even though BitLocker offers disk-level protection of all data. Each encryption phase complies with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 and employs Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What do you mean by Sharepoint?

    With the help of the web-based collaboration tool SharePoint Online, you may communicate with colleagues from your department, project team, or other organizational structure, both on and off campus, regarding a particular project, meeting, and/or documents.

    2. Should I download an app to access SharePoint?

    SharePoint may be viewed online using any of your preferred browsers or devices. However, if you want a better user experience, you may download the SharePoint app on your smartphone or tablet.

    3. How can I get users to accept my SharePoint intranet?

    When users use your intranet project, that’s a big success sign. Maintaining user engagement and making sure change management isn’t treated as an afterthought are the keys to promoting end-user acceptance.

    Try tailoring your adoption efforts to the different user types, promoting contests and reward programs to boost usage, or maintaining a clean, basic design. These are just a few of our recommendations to assist your users in adjusting to the new technology.

    4. Do you require SharePoint training in order to utilize it?

    We advise users to go through training to make sure they have the necessary skills to exchange documents, set up team sites, manage SharePoint, build applications, or alter processes. The user acceptance training (UAT) and/or change management strategy for your project may include the training, which will be led by your implementation partner.