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Static Web Development

1. HTML Website Development

This is the most fundamental phase in the realm of website development. It’s usually implemented by giant corporates and enterprises across the globe. Its ease of use and efficient tracking skills on a small scale is why it is still with us. Most Fotune500 firms use this vintage technology for several customer facing web-interfaces.

2. WordPress Website Development

WordPress is an easy solution for developing websites that allows you to handle both the frontend and backend content from a single interface. Web developers and designers use WordPress to design and execute most blogs you see on the internet. Over a third of the world’s websites are constructed on this platform. WordPress is hands down the best Content Management System known to the world.

Dynamic Web Development

We provide a variety of services. To provide the finest web app solution, Qwegle digs deep to understand our client's objectives and specific business difficulties.

Custom Web App Development

As traditional web development technologies progressed, new-age technologies such as Angular, React, Node.js, and others emerged. These solutions can serve as complete mobile applications accessible through a web browser. These technologies are likely powering one out of every three prominent websites you visit today. The amount of scalability and dynamic content management is second to none.

Enterprise Website Development

Have a wonderful company and are seeking an excellent website to promote your products and abilities? Your search has ended. We can develop a world-class website using the most relevant and latest technology without breaking the bank to generate click flow into your website.

Open Source Website Development

With thousands of designs to select from, as well as the ability to personalize it to meet your specific needs, make these ready-to-use platforms an even more appealing alternative. Like creating a signature dish from all of the components in your kitchen, our web development professionals can select the best solution for your product line and produce an artisanal website in no time.

Web Development Cycle

Our Solution Development Cycle assists you in transforming your fantastic ideas into viable business solutions.

We investigate your company strategy, market issues, and product positioning to assist you in developing a product that provides distinctive value.

Product Designing

With the use of emerging technologies, we deploy a cross-functional team that consists of Strategists, Designers, and Developers.


We have highly competent teams that keep lean and quickly implement tailored solutions for each customer. We deploy skilled project managers to each project to ensure code quality.

Quality Assurance

We test throughout the product development process to deliver bug-free, dependable, safe, and secure solutions.

What Customers Say About Us

Every firm requires recognition, and we're fortunate to have a staff that shares the same attitude as the top management. Here are a handful of the comments we received from our varied clientele. We see them as energy boosters that motivate us to do well.
``We appreciate Qwegle's assistance in developing our programme. Everyone was kind, professional, and hardworking. We were able to meet our deadline thanks to them, and we want to continue working with them in the future.``
Vani Agarwal Marketing Manager
``Qwegle is designed to make website creation easier by providing a plethora of shortcodes. One of the quickest multi-purpose themes on the market.``
Luke Jacobs Web Developer
``Qwegle, with over 40 custom created pieces, is ideal for creating your fantasy landing page website without any coding at all.``
Claire Olson Sales Manager
``We've been working on creating a functional website since I started my business. I am pleased to report that we have finally engaged the Qwegle team, and they have worked closely with us throughout the process, keeping on goal, on schedule, and within budget. I also value their prompt and kind answers. I wholeheartedly suggest their services!``
Phillip Hunt Systems Analyst

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    How does a Web application function?

    The process of a typical Web app looks like this-

    The user first sends a request to the web server, which then transmits the request to the relevant web application server. After forwarding the request, the Web application server executes the required job and returns the results to the web server. The web server then returns to the users with the requested information.

    What is the distinction between a Native App and a Web App?

    A web app is accessed through a web browser and requires either WiFi or a cell signal to function, whereas a native app is loaded directly on the mobile phone. Native apps can operate without an internet connection in most circumstances, depending on the nature of the programme.

    What is the best platform to build Web Applications?

    There are many platforms to build web applications, a few popular among them are-

    • AngularJs
    • Express.js
    • Phalcon
    • ASP.net
    • Symfony

    What are the models of Web Applications?

    The components of Web Applications can be arranged in different models-

    • Single Web Server
    • Single Web Server + Database Server
    • Multiple Web Server + Single Database Server
    • Multiple Web Servers + Multiple Database Servers