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Software written with Swift is lightning-fast and safe by design.
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Concise Syntax

Create a product that fulfills the needs of tomorrow with concise syntax. Swift is the culmination of cutting-edge programming language research mixed with decades of expertise developing Apple platforms.
Modern Architecture

Swift APIs are significantly simpler to comprehend and maintain since named arguments are specified in a clear syntax. While modules do away with headers and offer namespaces, implied types make code clearer and less prone to errors.

Impregnable Design

Swift gets rid of entire classes of dangerous code. Programming errors are prevented by automated memory management, initialization of variables before use, checking for overflow in arrays and integers, and enforcement of exclusive access to memory.


Swift was designed to be quick. Swift code is converted into machine code that is optimized for current hardware using the exceptionally fast LLVM compiler technology.

Cutting-Edge Coding

Swift enables code reuse and sharing, which lowers development costs and expedites the development process for both front-end and back-end applications.
Open source

Swift is maintained publicly at Swift.org, where everyone may access the source code, a bug tracker, forums, and frequent development builds.

Cross Platform

All Apple systems and Linux are already supported by Swift, and the community is actively striving to port it to many more platforms.

Modern Server

Swift powers a new class of modern server applications. Swift is perfect for use in server apps that need runtime safety, compiled performance and a small memory footprint.

Package Administration

The easiest approach to get libraries and source code out to the Swift community is through packages.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    What is iOS Swift?

    Apple Inc. created Swift, a completely new programming language, in June 2014 to help developers create apps for both mobile and desktop platforms. For watchOS, macOS, iOS, and tvOS, this language is functional.

    Apple developed the Swift programming language to support both Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. Numerous operating systems, including Free BSD, Linux, Darwin, etc., are supported by Swift. This language was created to function with Apple products’ Objective-C library and Cocoa framework.

    What does a Swift protocol related type mean?

    An effective method for making protocols general is by using associated types. One or more related types may be declared as part of the protocol’s specification. A type that is utilized as a part of the protocol has a placeholder name provided by a related type. When the protocol is adopted, the precise type to use for that related type is provided.

    What in Swift is Automatic Reference Counting? Explain the operation.

    Swift controls the app’s memory utilization through Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). ARC allots RAM to store new class instances each time they are generated.

    It must detect when an instance is no longer required in order to release the allocated memory. ARC counts each instance’s strong references to get at that conclusion. When the instance’s number of strong references reaches zero, it will be deallocated.

    What is a dictionary?

    Dictionary associations are collections of key-value pairs that are not ordered. Each value has a distinct key, which is a hashable type like an integer or text, attached to it. In the fast programming language, the dictionary idea may be used to get values based on a key value at any time.