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Flows assist you in minimizing repetitive, manual, and time-consuming procedures.

Schedule Flow

The big announcement is that the flow will operate at a certain time and day. When you wish to schedule the flow to run at a particular time and date, this form of flow works well.

Automated Flow

When you want a flow to execute whenever certain circumstances are satisfied, depending on the sort of Automated Flow trigger you choose, an Automated Flow is advised.

Instant Flow

Instant Flow is ideal for Power Apps apps and if you want the flow to run instantly following an action that is on the list of triggers accessible for Instant Flow.

UI Flow

Consider UI Flows to be RPA (Robotic Process Automation), or if you're a gamer, Macros. It simply works by recording your activities for a program (clicks, keyboard inputs, etc.) and playing them back to other users.

Organizational Process Flow

The flow family also recently included the Business Process Flow. The fact that it makes use of Microsoft Dynamic 365 to guarantee data consistency throughout the whole process, however, further sets it apart from the other processes.


With the aid of connectors, the trigger-based solution enables you to immediately integrate processes into the various apps you're utilizing.

Access and Exchange Business Information

Your apps may be linked to one another and given a flow using Microsoft Flow. For instance, you may utilize Flow to automatically copy data from one app to another. This makes it simple for your coworkers to access and exchange data between different web apps.

The program would automatically start a flow and share the same content on your SharePoint when you connected SharePoint to Outlook, for example. This would happen each time a coworker sent you a file through email.

Make employee tasks a priority.

It is unavoidable to miss an important online mail from time to time, especially when we receive more than 300 emails every day.

As a result, this might potentially lead to bigger difficulties. However, using Microsoft Flow, you can automate a flow and create a template that users will get each time a high-priority email comes. This is accomplished by integrating Flow into Outlook and setting the flow.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What do you mean by Power Automate?

    With the help of Power Automate, line-of-business users can easily and practically create workflows that automate time-consuming business procedures and processes across many apps and services.

    2. Who is Power Automate's intended market?

    There are two separate customers for Power Automate:

    enterprise firms’ line-of-business “Citizen Integrators,” who work with IT to shift accountability for business solutions closer to the company itself.

    IT decision-makers who want to provide line-of-business partners the freedom to design their own solutions so that IT pros and integration experts may concentrate their knowledge on more sophisticated integration technologies, like Azure Logic Apps.

    3. What connections exist between Logic Apps and Power Automate?

    Users of line-of-business software can construct automated processes with the use of Power Automate’s capabilities. The excellent capabilities of Power Automate are also available in Logic Apps, an Azure service that also offers features like connectivity with Azure Resource Manager and the Azure Portal, PowerShell and the splat CLI, Visual Studio, and more connectors.

    4. How do templates work?

    Templates are already constructed flows for well-known and typical circumstances. You simply need to have access to the services in a template and complete any necessary settings in order to use it.