Assisting in project management throughout the project lifecycle, from project creation to detailed plan preparation.

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Project System Management for complex projects in construction, manufacturing, service, and investment enterprises.

Project Organization

Making work packages for projects utilising Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Elements and Network Plans unique to SAP PS is what it is all about.

Scheduled Time

The development of the project time schedule, the execution of the tasks in the work packages unique to the projects on the time schedule in accordance with the project calendar, and the monitoring of the employees' activities are all included in this process.

Cost Forecasting

The associated WBS billing element's revenue planning receives an automated update of the billing plan's planned data. This is made feasible by permitting the updating of information from quotes or orders in the project planning profile.


The billing plan's planned data is automatically updated to revenue planning for the allocated WBS billing element. This is accomplished by allowing data from quotes or orders to be updated in the project's planning profile.

Material Planning

The OCI Interface may be used for manual material component assignment. The tabular summary of an activity's material components is utilised to call an external catalogue for material selection.


It involves providing different reporting based on the hierarchical, financial (G/L Account and line item), material, resource, and project progress regarding the projects.

Project Structuring

SAP project structure definition PS is one of the most crucial aspects in putting up the PS module since everything depends on it, thus it should be thoroughly evaluated during the primary phase.

The Planning board is the primary tool used in SAP PS to schedule a project. This tool shows the project Gantt chart and allows you to edit the project dates, project master data, and a variety of other choices. This tool can also be accessed through other operations.

Advance Purchasing

Advance procurement is utilised for important components that have long and erratic delivery schedules. These items must be bought early in the process. Even before the network operations were established.

For this sort of need, the MRP run creates a planned order, which leads to a manufacturing process. The material is transferred to storage, where it will be consumed by the ultimate network activity.

The system creates a buy request, which initiates the purchasing process. The material is provided to the stock and then consumed by the ultimate network activity.

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